Paper Pulp Moulding

Moulded pulp products are made from recycled paper and can be formed into almost any three-dimensional shapes for a variety of protective packaging. Considered as a sustainable packaging as it uses recyclable materials, paper pulp moulding products can be used for inner cushioning of various consumer products such as glass bottles, home appliances, disposable medical items; consumer electronics such as mobile phones and computers; food and confectionaries as well as storage boxes and shipping containers.

Why Us

100% Bio-degradable

Our Paper Pulp Solutions products are eco-friendly, made from recycled paper and are 100% biodegradable.

Cost-Effective & Excellent Protection

Moulded pulp products are also cost effective, offer excellent protection, and meet all new EU Legislation on packaging materials and waste.

High Quality Protective Packaging

Our vast range of standard off the shelf products combined with our in-house custom design capabilities makes us your one-stop shop moulded pulp resource.

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For any enquiry on our paper pulp moulding please contact our representative whose details are provided below.

Eric Tan

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