A bag-in-box, orBiB, is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. BiBs are made of several layers of strong nylon film, sealed with PE plastics and seated inside a corrugated fiber board box. We produce BiBs using the form-seal-fill (FSF) technology, where the bags are manufactured on-line from reels of film, after which the FlexTap is inserted then filled on an the rotary head filler. BiBs are currently used to pack wine, soda fountain syrup products, milk, liquid chemicals, and drinking water.

Why Us

Variety Type of Bags

The bags are available as singles for semi-automatic machines or as web bags, where they have perforations in between.

Support Automated Filling Systems

Our BiBs can be used on automated filling systems where the bags areseparated on-line either before or after the bags are filled.

Heat Resistant

The bags can be filled from chilled product temperatures to up to 85°C (185 °F).

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